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Clone Condo Access Card Singapore

Duplicate Condo Access Card Singapore

We at Clone Condo Access Card Singapore specialize in cloning and duplication of condo access cards in Singapore.

Did your landlord give you too little door access cards?

Did the management committee of your condo limit the number of access cards to you?

Do you need to have an extra condo access card but find that the management committee of your condo charging you high fees for that extra access card?

Why pay a deposit for the access card only to lose the receipt and then find that you cannot get back that deposit?

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We use state of the art cloning equipment that is guaranteed to clone your condo access card. We also guarantee that your access card will work. We will refund you 100% shoud your card not work.

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Monday, June 27, 2011


DataSoftAsia be selling our RFID Cloner starting from 1st July 2011.

We have decided to sell our in house RFID Duplicator due to the many request of our worldwide customers.

Note that we will not provide any pics of Our RFID Card Cloner for security purposes.

Our RFID Card Duplicator can clone and duplicate up to 90% of the access cards the market.

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+Over 50 types of RFID Access Card Types In The Market
+Monthly Software Update Of Our Rfid Cloner / Rfid Duplicator Driver Version
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Our RFID Access Card Cloner / Duplicator will come with 100 rewritable rfid blank cards included.

Additional rewritable rfid blank cards or key fobs will be sold for 100pcs/USD500, 500pcs/USD2000.

Worldwide shipping is provided also with all shipping cost absorbed by us.

This is a private sale of our rfid cloner / rfid duplicator. We will accept payments by Paypal and Western Union. Expected shipping time will be 7-14 working days.

The Sale Price For Our RFID Cloner / RFID Duplicator is USD1699.
Only 20 sets produced and we will not be reproducing it in the future.
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Monday, June 20, 2011

Duplicate Condo Access Card


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Friday, June 17, 2011

Duplicate Access Card In Singapore

Duplicate Condo Access Card Singapore

We at Duplicate Condo Access Card Singapore specialize in cloning and duplication of condo access cards in Singapore.

Did your landlord give you too little door access cards?

Did the management committee of your condo limit the number of access cards to you?

Do you need to have an extra condo door access card but find that the management committee of your condo charging you high fees for that extra door access card?

Why pay a deposit now for the access card only to lose the receipt and then find that you cannot get back that deposit later?

Then consider clone your current condo access card with Duplicate Condo Access Card Singapore.

We use the state of the art cloning duplicating machines that is guaranteed to clone your condo access card. We also guarantee that your access card will work and will refund you 100% should your card does not work.

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Monday, June 6, 2011

Clone Access Card

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Clone Access Card Bump Cloning

A young man in Waterloo, Jonathan Westhues, has shaken the security industry by its access readers. In October of 2003 he published on his web site a "cloner" for prox cards. This handheld device can be used to secretly copy your access control card from a distance and replay the card for any prox card reader. The young man generously provided construction details and circuit diagrams for verification of his efforts.
I call this technique "bump cloning" because all that a bad guy would have to do is "bump" you in a hallway or elevator to copy your card. This would for all intents and purposes make his device a "clone" of your card, useable in any reader in the system.
This device effectively compromises any card access system that uses the standard prox cards for identification.
As he states in his detailed explanation, he can insidiously read a person's card while it is still in their wallet, cloning the card without the target knowing it. This card read is then replayed to the reader that controls the door he wants to access. Bingo, he is inside the protected space. The most dangerous aspect of this device is the target person has no idea his card was "cloned" and therefore would have no reason to report it as being compromised. Additionally, if any mischief was done then the card access system would dutifully report the target's card number was used to access the space.

As Clone Access Card Security professionals what is our defense?

Computer security and cryptography professionals know this as a "replay" attack. In essence the attacker just replays the card to the reader to gain access. There are two card technologies out there that immune to this sort of attack.
The first is the Weigand wire card. This card uses small magnetic wires embedded in the plastic of the access card to generate an electronically readable number. This card is difficult to "clone" because it cannot be read at a distance but must be inserted into a reader. Unlike the magnetic stripe cards, the physical arrangement of the Weigand wires determines the card number. Typically, removal of the Weigand wires from a card destroys their unique properties. This means that an attacker would have to gain physical possession of the card, have great mechanical skills, and a ready supply of Weigand wire to "clone" even a single card.
The second card technology is known in the industry as a MiFare card. This card is a prox card with a crypto-twist. The card has an encrypted conversation with the reader. A simple "replay" attack as describe above will not work. This means an attacker would have to have the cryptographic keys to the card and know which section of the card is used by the access system for the area he wishes to enter.
A final suggestion would be to incorporate CCTY cameras at each reader location. The cameras are a good idea whatever the card technology and provide after the fact documentation of who was holding the card that was use to access the area to Clone Access Card.

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Saturday, June 4, 2011

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Duplicate condo access card and clone condo access card

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1. How do I secure a door?
There are many ways to secure and control the access to a door other than controlling and issuing keys. Installing an electronic access system is a good way to securing and controlling access. Unlike physical keys which are cheap and easy to duplicate, access control system gives you control. Through simple programming, you can bar or allow access. So if a card is misplaced, you need not worry about a breach as all you need to do is to unenrol that card. With card access system, you can choose either a keypad PIN system, a Proximity Card System or a Biometric Fingerprint system.

2. Should I use a PIN to secure my door?
Keypad PIN only card access system is convenient and easy to use. All you need is to remember your PIN number and by entering the correct 4 or 6 digit PIN, the system will release the door, giving you access. Keypad PIN only system is normally good for internal doors such as access to the Server Room or Store Room. We do not however suggest using it for external doors. It is quite easy for strangers lurking in the passageway to note the PIN entered and hence breaching the security.

3. Is a Card System better than a PIN?
From a security perspective, yes. Every proximity card has a unique address which is set at the factory and cannot be altered or duplicated. So it is highly improbable to find another proximity card with the same address. To allow access, the address of the card must be pre-programmed to the reader, so even if there is a duplicate card, it can only work if it is used on a reader whose database contains that same proximity card.

4. When should I use Card and PIN?
Most proximity card access system can be programmed to operate in PIN only, Card Only, and Card and PIN mode. Under the Card and PIN mode, the user will have to flash the card and entered a PIN that is match to the Card before access is granted. This provides a higher level of security as anyone picking up the card will still not be able to access without the matching password. Whether you choose card or Card and PIN depends on your company's security policies. Some system is able to switch the operation mode automatically such that during office hours, you use Card only an after office hours, you will need to use both Card and PIN to gain access.

5. Is a Biometric Fingerprint System better?

Biometric Fingerprint Readers read your fingerprint and compared it to the fingerprint pattern stored in its database and release the door when there is a match. Compared to a Card System, it is better because unlike a card which can be passed around, you cannot pass your fingerprint to others. Not even if you were to chop off your finger as most newer readers now can differentiate between a dead finger and a live one.

6. Is a Biometric System reliable?

Depends on what you are really asking. If by reliability you mean the likelihood of the fingerprint reader mistaking an unauthorised fingerprint as authorised and opening the door for the intruder, then Yes, it is extremely reliable. If by reliability you mean the number of times you have to present your fingerprint before the reader recognise you, then it really depends on the individual. Most of such problems is very user dependent. For example, users forgetting which fingers they used or they did not place the whole finger on the reader resulting in a partial read. Most of these problems can be reduce by training and familiarising the users.

7. What is a standalone System?

Generally, a card access system comprises a reader, a controller and the electronic lockset. The reader simply read and transfer the information to the controller, which is the real brain of the system. For a standalone system, the reader and the controller is integrated and normally housed in the reader itself. Hence standalone system are much more economical and compact. While some standalone system can be linked to a computer or to other controllers via optional interface cards, most can't and does not offer the expandability you may need in the future.

8. When do I need to use a Network System?

If you have more than one door that you wished to control, you should go with a networked system. The networked system allow you to link the system to a computer, from where you can keep track of your staff movement as well as add or delete users.

9. What are the advantages of linking to a computer?

Ease of operation. For example, if you have a number of doors, without the computer network, you will need to go to each reader individually to add or delete users. With a computer, you can add or delete using the Management Software provided and then download the changes to all doors. In addition, you can print reports and keep logs on when your staff come in or out.

10. Do I need to use a dedicated computer?
No. You do not need to use a dedicated computer. Any computer that has a spare serial or USB port is sufficient for the application. Of course if the transaction is heavy or if you have many employees, it may be worth having a dedicated computer.

11. How do I choose the right locks?
What kind of locks will depend on the type of doors and whether your door swing in or out. The most common and economical locks used is the Electromagnetic Door Lock (EM Lock).

12. What happens in a power failure?
All Clone Card Access Systems are installed with a back-up battery power supply. In the event of a power failure, the battery will take over, keeping the system operational for at least two hours. Once the battery runs out and if power is not restored, the system will cease to operate, and the doors may be released. If you are using EM Locks, the doors will be released. If you are using drop bolt or electric strikes, the door will be released if the locks are fail-safe, or remains locked if they are fail secure.

13. With a Duplicate Card Access System, does it mean that my office is secure?
Even with a Card Access System, you should complement it with Burglar Alarm and CCTV Systems. The Card Access only control who has access but does not detect intrusion. For example, if you have a glass door, even though the card access system can deny the intruder access, there is nothing to stop him from breaking an entry.

14. I want to upgrade my reader. Must I change everything?
If you have an existing system that is still working, you may not need to change everything. It is quite possible to re-use your lock sets, break glass and push buttons an change only the reader.

15. I need more cards? Can I get from you or must I go back to the original supplier?
Yes. Most Proximity Cards used are generic and for most cases, there is no problem getting cards from us.